Our beliefs are explained in more detail in Duncan Heaster's book Bible Basics which you can read online or request a free copy of in multiple languages at http://www.biblebasicsonline.com . The following is a summary:

We believe in salvation by grace;

in having eternal life on earth in the Kingdom of God, to be established by the Lord Jesus Christ at His return in fulfilment of the promises about the Kingdom and "the hope of Israel" made to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David;

in the Lord Jesus as God's Son, our representative who was of our nature, but not "God the Son" or a pre-existent Jesus as taught in the common doctrine of the Trinity, which we reject;

who lived a perfect life, died for our sins, was dead for three days, rose again and then ascended to Heaven where He now intercedes for us, and from whence He will return to raise the dead, judge those responsible to Him, and give us immortality in His Kingdom;

in the Holy Spirit as God's power, but not a person;

in taking full responsibility for our sins, and not blaming any personal Satan figure, whom we find nothing of in the Bible; we understand 'satan' to mean simply 'an adversary', and our greatest adversary is our own sin and personal dysfunction;

the Bible being the inspired word of God we find no evidence there nor elsewhere for the existence of an immortal soul, 'hell' as a place of fire and torment etc. (rather does 'hell' refer simply to the grave);

and we urge people to do as the Bible says and be baptized into Christ by full immersion in water.

We seek to spread Bible knowledge world-wide, and seek to assist all who wish to be baptized into the saving name of the Lord Jesus.

We also seek to care for our brothers and sisters, both practically and spiritually.

God is offering us eternal life - and we wish to share that with everyone, and to follow through on the joys and responsibilities which come from having this wonderful hope.

Our beliefs correspond with those of the Christadelphians worldwide. We are in fellowship with the Christadelphians and enjoy visits from Christadelphians from many countries, especially Australia, the UK and the USA.